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ASSA Notice to Members. Updated 9 December 2007

Notice to Sky & Telescope Subscribers

The transition to the new publishers ‘new rules’ seems to have gone quite well.
Their on-line renewals page is working, all you need to do is enter an e-mail address – which will apparently take members to a page that says "incorrect e-mail address" (this being due to our members e-mail addresses not being individually registered before) but if you continue it will take the subscription renewal.

A word of caution:
Sky & Telescope works about three months in advance of the cover date. If your renewal date is December, ie last issue November, they would in fact have shipped December issue in October. Therefore it is important for members to renew timeously – make allowance for the three months in advance, renew in September for December.

The same applies to On-line renewals. As far as Sky & Telescope is concerned, once they have shipped December, your subscription has now lapsed – ie during September/ October and the on-line renewal facilities will not recongnise you as a renewal and will just not accept your renewal.
In such cases please contact me for an e-mail renewal form –

The only advice I can give members is to react promptly to the first renewal notice they receive. It is the only way to ensure that your copies arrive on time.

Clear skies
Dudley Field – Membership secretary.

FAX 0866 974 962
Email: []



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