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ASSA Notice to Members. Updated 14 June 2007.

New arrangements for ordering Sky and Telescope

Renewals to Sky & Telescope

Sky & Telescope has new owners, which have several magazines and wish to have one place handle the orders and customer service for all their publications, one place to do all the printing and binding etc.
This obviously necessitates all sorts of changes.

- ASSA has just (13th June) been advised that subscriptions to Sky & Telescope have been increased to $ 51.95 per year. Members of ASSA Club recieve a $10 discount on the normal International subscription of $ 61.95.
Kindly disregard previous notes on this website and in MNASSA ($49.95).

-The subscriber account numbers will change. The new subscriber number is much longer! It appears that renewal notices for South Africa are not the 'new' renewal notices, and do not reflect the 'new' subscriber numbers - if in doubt please quote the 'old' number.

- many subscribers are receiving June copy with the advice - 'last copy on current subscription'.
In such an event, members need to use the attached form to renew their subscription. This is only an interim renewal notice - hopefully, future renewals will be properly processed!

It appears that the 'new' rules as regads S & T are working, there are far less e-mails concernng 'lost copies'.

Please be assured that ASSA is doing everything in it's power to make this transitional period as simple as possible.

ASSA enquiries: Dudley Field []



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