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Retirement of Profs Warner and Ellis

Prof Brian Warner of the Department of Astronomy, University of Cape Town, and Prof George F.R. Ellis, Distinguished Professor of Complex Systems at the same university, a well-known cosmologist, retired during 2004.

Both intend to continue working. Warner has specialized in high-speed photometric observations of stars and has discovered many interesting phenomena relating to novae, x-ray sources and stellar pulsations. When he came to South Africa in the early 1970s, he brought with him a minicomputer-based photometer technology developed in collaboration with R.E. Nather in Texas. His students over the past thirty years have built on this technique, and high-speed photometry remains one of the main themes of astronomical research in the country today.

Warner has recently received a gold medal from the Academy of Science of South Africa (founded in 1996 as a post-apartheid institution).

Ellis is a well-known cosmologist. He studied at Cambridge University and is co-author of a famous study, "The Large scale Structure of Space Time", with S Hawking, as well as being author of several other books on cosmology. He was for many years a professor in the Dept of Applied Mathematics. Outside his academic work, he is very active in social issues, science policy and the relation of science to religion. Earlier this year he won the Templeton prize for his work in the last field mentioned.



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