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[29 March] Magda Streicher is showing how to charm a big snake in her latest Deep Sky Delights.

[29 March] The February 2013 issue of MNASSA is now available online from the Download Page ( You will notice a facelift, to start off 2013 with a fresh new look.

[23 March] Plan your comet, asteroid and meteor observations for the next three months with the latest CAMnotes. [Read them.]

[29 December] Magda Streicher is searching for a unicorn in her latest Deep Sky Delights.

[29 December] Plan your comet, asteroid and meteor observations for the next three months with the latest CAMnotes. [Read them.]

[26 November] Auke Slotegraaf produced videos of the presentations delivered at the ASSA Symposium. These are linked from the symposium site.

[26 November] Find out why Andromeda is in danger in Magda Streicher's latest Deep Sky Delights.

[2 October] Meet two real and one celestial Indian in Magda Streicher's latest Deep Sky Delights.

[4 August] Find out about comets, asteroids and meteors to observe in the latest CAMnotes. [Read them.]

[12 July] The agenda for this year's AGM, the minutes of the previous AGM and the list of council positions are available now. [See them.]

[12 July] The audited financial statement for the financial year 2009-2010 is available now. [Read it.]

[1 July] What does the constellation Scotum have to do with a Polish king? Find out in Magda Streicher's latest Deep Sky Delights.

[25 May] The members of the SKA Organisation have decided on the location of the Square Kilometer Array. The majority of members favoured to split the SKA between South Africa and Australia. Both precursor projects (the Australian ASKAP and the South African MeerKAT) will be incorporated into Phase 1 of the SKA. All the dishes and the mid frequency aperture arrays for Phase 2 will be located in Southern Africa, whereas Australia will host all the low frequency aperture array antennas for Phase 1 and 2. [Read more in the official announcement and the statement of the Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor.]

[7 May] This year's ASSA Symposium will take place in Cape Town from 12 to 14 October. [Read more.]

[4 May] The latest edition of mnassa is available on

[4 May] Chase a hare, enjoy clouds in a cloudless sky and explore a geometric form in Magda Streicher's latest Deep Sky Delights.

[10 April] In view of recent media coverage of laser pointers being abused, ASSA would like to draw attention to the rules and regulations concerning the use of such devices. [Information compiled by Auke Slotegraaf]

[9 April] The Durban Centre has compiled a new Astronomy Starter Kit with a planisphere, a CD with lots of resources and red foil for torches. The kit is available by postal order and should be available from various retailers in the future. Please send an email to ASSA for further information.

[18 March] The latest edition of mnassa is available on

[5 March] An award of the American Association of Variable Star Observers has been presented to Dr Jan Smit. [View images.]

[12 January] The 2012 ASSA and SAAO-ASSA scholarships for undergraduate students have been announced. Applications must be received by 22 January. [Read the details.]

[13 November] The audited account for the financial year 2008/09 is now available on the reports page.

[4 November] What is the Apparatus Chemicus? Find out in Magda Streicher's latest Deep Sky Delights.

[4 November] The 2012 edition of the Sky Guide has been released and can be purchased from good bookstores (but not directly from the ASSA). Country members of the ASSA as well as participating ASSA Centre members will receive their copy from the ASSA.

[25 October] The October 2011 issue of MNASSA has been published and can be downloaded from

[25 October] The 2012 edition of the Sky Guide will be published in November. [Read Struik's press release.]

[17 October] The minutes of the AGM, the section reports for 2010/11 and the audited accounts for 2006 to 2008 are now available on the reports page.

[17 September] Magda Streicher meets a healer of stellar quality in her latest Deep Sky Delights.

[17 September] What is happening to comet C/2010 X1 Elenin? Find out in the latest CAMnotes.

[23 August] The minutes and reports of the Annual General Meeting can be found on the AGM 2011 page. [7 August] Frikkie de Bruyn explains what scientific models are all about in his latest article in the Cosmology Corner.

[16 July] In her latest Deep Sky Delights, Magda Streicher explores an altar whose flame shall never be put out.

[16 July] This year's AGM will take place at the Auditorium at the Christian Brothers College, Mount Edmund, Pretoria Road, Silverton, Pretoria on 3 August 2011 at 7:15 pm. [Read more.]

[16 July] Frikkie de Bruyn comments on inflation, acceleration and dark energy in a letter to the Weekend Witness.

[10 July] Double fun: Frikkie de Bruyn wonders about time and limits on observations and horizons in two new articles in the Cosmology Corner.

[3 July] Find out what's happening in your local solar system in the latest CAMnotes.

[29 June] The Membership Secretary requests that members please do not pay their 2011-12 subscriptions for the time being but rather wait until the implications of the Constitution change have been worked out.

[25 June] In the ballot on the redrafted ASSA constitution 72 votes were cast in favour, 15 were cast against. The redrafted constitution thus has been accepted.

[16 June] The deadline for receiving ballot papers on the new draft Constitution has been extended to Friday 24 June, 10 a.m.

[28 May] All members of the ASSA are called upon to vote on a new ASSA constitution. The respective ballot papers will be sent via post. [Read the draft constitution.]

[27 April] Magda Streicher wonders in her latest Deep Sky Delight whether the plain garden dove or the Cape Turtle Dove can be found in the heavenly skies.

[15 March] The first Southern Star Party proved a huge success, as you can see for yourself by looking at some photos or reading the preliminary report.

[6 March] In her latest Deep Sky Delight, Magda Streicher looks at misty clouds that won't bring rain.

[22 February] The South African Post Office is planning an issue: ‘SA’s role in Astronomy’ for the 2012 stamp program, and is looking for photos of the 2004 Venus transit. So with a bit of luck, your picture might appear on a real stamp sheet. See the full details.

[19 February] All members of the ASSA are invited to join the new members mailing list. This allows members to stay informed and inform others about important events etc. You may subscribe by pointing your browser to (Your browser may issue a warning that the site or its certificate is unverifiable. You may ignore this in the case of this page.)

[19 February] Plan your observations of comets, meteors and asteroids with 2011's first CAMnotes.

[15 February] The first ever "Southern Star Party" will be held on the weekend of 4th to 6th March 2011 outside Bonnievale, near Robertson in the Western Cape. It will include, among others, talks, an astronomy pub quiz on Saturday, and of course star-gazing from dusk till dawn. More details are given on

[15 February] Between March and May this year, the University of Cape Town will be offering a 10-week course for those interested in basic astronomy. This course will comprise home-study with five lectures and practical sessions. See for the full details.

[13 February] New ASSA Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Ian Glass has taken over from Johan Smit as new Membership Secretary and AJ Nel has taken over as Treasurer from Rynhardt van Rooyen. Many thanks to Johan and Rynhardt for their contribution on Council for the past 6 months and for Ian and AJ for their willingness to take on the additional roles on Council.

[22 January] Frikkie de Bruyn explains how looking for noise helped to revolutionise cosmology in his latest article for the Cosmology Corner.

[22 January] A triple delight: Magda Streicher sets sail, marvels at a starry peacock and follows the flight of the crane in her three latest Deep Sky Delights.

[21 January] The South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) requires a manager for their SALT Collateral Benefits Programme (CBP). SALT (the Southern African Large Telescope) is the largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere. The SALT CBP manager will lead efforts to realize societal benefits from SALT, and astronomy in general, in areas of (i) education, (ii) public outreach and (iii) socio-economic development. The International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) Office for Astronomy Development, which is responsible for global development of astronomy, is based at SAAO, giving the CBP a direct link into similar efforts across the world. The CBP has been well established over the years and currently has a very strong international reputation. The incoming manager will have the opportunity to use the resources and reputation of the CBP to make a difference to people’s lives within South Africa and beyond.

Full details are available on or from Linda Tobin (021-4470025). The selection process will begin after 31 January 2011.

[8 January] All of last year's mnassa issues can be accessed online at now.

[8 January] Case Rijsdijk has taken over from Willie Koorts as editor of mnassa. Many thanks to Willie Koorts for all his work for mnassa over the last years, and to Case for taking up the baton.

[5 November] The Sky Guide for 2011 has been released. See the Sky Guide page for information on how to get hold of it.

[20 October] The mnassa issues of 2010 can be accessed online at

[6 September] Find out about the current comets, asteroids in need of observation and meteor showers to look forward to in the latest CAMnotes.

[5 September] Frikkie de Bruyn explores the effects of quantum theory in the early universe in the latest article for the Cosmology Corner article.

[16 August] The Annual General Meeting elected the new committee members and office bearers for the year 2010/2011. You may find all the names and contact details at

[16 July] Find out how Robert Boyle is connected to the sky in Magda Streicher's latest deep sky delight.

[8 July] The ASSA Scholarship and the SAAO-ASSA Scholarship 2011 have been announced. Please have a look at the scholarship page for more information.

[14 June] Frikkie de Bruyn discusses fluctuations in energy levels at the quantum level in the latest article for the Cosmology Corner article.

[13 April] Magda Streicher doesn't lose direction in her latest deep sky delight.

[8 April] Michael Poll, President of ASSA, has released a draft re-write of the ASSA constitution. This is the first revision since 2004, and this has been done, amongst other reasons, to reflect changing circumstances that have affected the administration of ASSA.

All interested stakeholders are invited to comment on the draft. Please send your comments to Michael Poll at by April 30th 2010. [Download the draft re-write.]

[18 March] ASSA has noted with grave concern the precipitate suspension and subsequent disciplinary hearing of Professor Phil Charles, Director of the South African Astronomical Observatory. It calls for the charges against Prof Charles, and the record of his disciplinary hearing, to be made public. [Read the press release.]

[18 March] Frikkie de Bruyn explains the cosmological principle in his new article for the Cosmology Corner.

[12 March] The result of Phil Charles' hearing is out: He has been cleared on all charges.

[1 March] Double fun: Meet the celestial crosshairs and chamaeleon in Magda Streicher's latest deep sky delights.

[17 February 2010] On 25 January the head of the National Research Foundation (NRF), Prof Albert van Jaarsveld, announced that Prof Phil Charles had been suspended pending the investigation of “a disciplinary matter related to corporate communication”. The process was to be chaired by a neutral person. No further details were given as the NRF regards this as an internal matter.

On 2 February the Council of ASSA passed the following resolution:

“The Council of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa wishes to express its support for Professor Phil Charles in his positive direction of the SAAO and also expresses its concern at the manner in which the matter of his suspension has been handled by the National Research Foundation. A speedy resolution of this matter is suggested, both in the interests of SA astronomy, and so as to minimize damage to SA’s image and reputation in the international scientific community.”

A hearing was held on 12 February. The NRF case was concluded but the defence was not. The hearing was adjourned until 23rd February.

Several critical articles have appeared in the Press, including Business Day, Nature, Mail and Guardian and various Independent Newspapers titles. (These can be found by Googling “Phil Charles suspension”.) Some commentators have expressed concern that this matter may affect South Africa’s bid to host the Square Kilometre Array.

[4 February 2010] Lucas Ferreira has published an Introduction to Double Stars, which provides a gentle introduction to what double stars are and how you can observe them.

[11 January 2010] The Pretoria Centre has announced the dates for the Ninth Biennial Symposium of the ASSA. The symposium will take place at the Silverton campus of the Council for Geoscience on Thursday 7 October 2010 and Friday 8 October 2010. The preliminary program for Saturday includes a morning visit to HartRAO and a guided tour through the Tswaing meteorite impact crater during the afternoon. The symposium will focus on light/spectrum pollution and people interested in delivering papers are invited to send a short synopsis to Andrie van der Linde at You can also make a preliminary booking if you plan to attend. Details on registration fees and suggestions for accommodation, etc will be available soon.

[11 January 2010] Find out out how the Sun finished 2009 in the solar bulletin for December.

[11 January 2010] Find out how to receive a merit certificate for double star observations.

[3 January 2010] Frikkie de Bruyn's new article for the Cosmology Corner confronts the final frontier.

[3 January 2010] The solar bulletins for September, October and November 2009 are available on the Solar Section page now.

[8 December 2009] The new Sky Guide for 2010 has arrived and can be ordered now! See the Sky Guide 2010 page for all the details.

[27 November 2009] The Council for Geoscience is investigating the meteorite of 21st November and is looking for sighting reports. If you have any, please send it to Freddie Roelofse (froelofse AT geoscience DOT org DOT za). The Council is currently in the process of scrutinising data from its seismic network and is eagerly awaiting infrasound data from the CTBTO infrasound stations situated at Tsumeb and Boshof in an attempt to better understand the event and in order to discern if and where the meteor became a meteorite. A detailed account of visual observations will be extremely useful in this regard.

[23 November 2009] On Saturday, 21st November 2009, a bright meteor could be seen over Southern Africa. Auke Slotegraaf maintains a collection of sighting reports on his web site. In case you've missed the meteor, you may find a link to a video clip of a similar recent event over Utah on the Johannesburg Planetarium web site.

[23 November 2009] Deep Sky Delights, October 2009: Magda Streicher discusses a celestial time keeper. [open PDF]

[20 September 2009] Another month without sunspots... Read the solar bulletin for August.

[20 September 2009] Frikkie de Bruyn considers fluctuations on an extremely small scale in his latest article for the Cosmology Corner. [open PDF]

[23 August 2009] Read about last month's Sun in the solar bulletin for July.

[18 August 2009] Deep Sky Delights, August 2009: A Spyglass Telescope: Magda Streicher discusses telescopes both on the ground and in the sky. [open PDF]

[18 August 2009] Lucas Ferreira points out where to find the (few) double stars in Telescopium. [open PDF]

[15 July 2009] The CAMnotes for the second half of 2009 have been released. They cover a review of the Comet and Meteor Section's activities, comet prospects, asteroids in need of observation and meteor showers during the next months. [pdf, 1.7 MB]

[13 July 2009] The solar bulletin for June suggests that the minimum of cycle 23 might perhaps be over.

[12 July 2009] Certainly uncertain: Frikkie de Bruyn investigates a central tenet of quantum physics in his latest article for the Cosmology Corner. [open Word doc]

[28 June 2009] Lucas Ferreira discusses double stars in Scorpio. [open PDF]

[28 June 2009] Deep Sky Delights, June 2009: Circinus, a handy tool: Magda Streicher takes a look at one of the smallest constellations in the sky. [open PDF]

[25 June 2009] The solar bulletin for May points out that helioseismology might have provided a clue to why the Sun is so quiet these days.

[24 May 2009] Find out about the Standard Model of the Universe in Frikkie de Bruyn's latest contribution to the Cosmology Corner. [open Word Doc]

[7 May 2009] The solar bulletin for April has been released on the solar section page.

[19 April 2009] At its last meeting the Council approved the application of the Hermanus Astronomy Club to become a Centre. Welcome to the ASSA Hermanus Centre!

[19 April 2009] Find out about the Observable Universe in Frikkie de Bruyn's latest contribution to the Cosmology Corner. [open Word Doc]

[16 April 2009] Deep Sky Delights, April 2009: Plough northwards, to the Big Dipper: Magda Streicher tracks down the Big Bear in Portugal. [open 308 kb PDF]

[22 March 2009] Beam me to Benoni, Scotty! On 30 May, TrekCon, South Africa's largest Star Trek convention, will take place at Willowmore High School in Benoni. [TrekCon homepage]

[19 March 2009] Neutrinos and the Universe. New article added to the Cosmology Corner [open Word Doc]

[19 February 2009] Deep Sky Delights, February 2009: "The Taurus Giants": Explore the deep sky in the constellation where William Herschel found Uranus with Magda Streicher in her latest MNASSA column. [open 551 kb PDF]

[1 January 2009] Speculative Theories of the Early Universe. New article added to the Cosmology Corner [open Word Doc]

[1 January 2009] The acclaimed 2009 Sky Guide Africa South annual astronomical handbook produced by ASSA is now available for order. Recommended for anyone interested in astronomy, from the beginner through the amateur to the professional. [more..]
[7 December 2008] The Mass of the Universe. The distribution of matter in the Universe is closely related to the shape of and the rate of expansion of the Universe. New article added to the Cosmology Corner [open Word Doc]

[6 December 2008] New version of the acclaimed (and free) Stellarium (v.10) sky simulator has been releasted. Highly recommended for anyone interested in astronomy, whether you are a novice or amateur practicing astronomy as a hobby, or even a professional involved in astronomy outreach. [link..]

[1 December 2008] See a collection of photos taken of the Venus-Jupiter-Moon conjuction of 1 December 2008 on the ASSA Imaging Section website. [link..]

[29 November 2008] Observer's alert: Venus and Jupiter is converging with the Moon to make a spectacular appearance in the evening sky on Monday 1 Deember. Look to the west at 20h00. Not to be missed! See a Stellarium skyshot (note that planet brightness is overexposed on this image). Stellarium background is that of the SAAO observing facilities, Sutherland. Courtesy Willie Koorts, SAAO. [open]

[29 November 2008] KAROO STAR PARTY. An invitation has been issued to the public to attend a unique opportunity to visit Sutherland and the SAAO observing site between Christmas and New Year's in a special opening for South Africa's International Year of Astronomy. [link..]

[25 November 2008] New contact person for renewals of subscriptions to Sky and Telescope for ASSA members. Please use this email address to renew your subs. [more..]

[20 November 2008] Added to the Cosmology Corner: an article entitled "The Quantum Universe". Many problems remain to puzzle cosmologists, but a theory developed in 1980 to combine general relativity and quantum mechanics may shed more light on how the big bang began [open Word Doc..]

[21 October 2008] Solar eclipse glasses can be ordered through the JHB planetarium, for the partial eclipse of 26 January 2009. Institutions, schools, science centres and observatories, etc are requested to put in bulk orders with the planetarium. An outreach opportunity not to be missed. [link..]

[15 October 2008] Stellarium users my be interested to hear that Willie Koorts has created a Sutherland Observatory landscape to use with Stellarium (downloadable from - installation instructions included). He took the panorama from a spot where there is regular activity on the horizon and from where all 13 telescope domes (and some utility buildings) are visible.

[9 October 2008] Commemoration of the opening of the Royal Observatory at the Cape of Good Hope, at the SAAO on 29 October 2008 [link..]

[8 October 2008] The [international] Meteoritical Society is a non-profit scholarly organization founded in 1933 to promote the study of extraterrestrial materials, including meteorites and space mission returned samples, and their history.

[7 October 2008] Solar Week will be the week of Oct. 20-24, produced by UC-Berkeley, NASA and Industry, see more about it here:

[6 October 2008] Official Announcement: New Section in ASSA. The Astronomical Society of Southern Africa has established the Cosmology Section, which will be directed by Mr. Frikkie de Bruyn. Any person interested in the subject are encouraged to make contact with Mr. de Bruyn for more information [more..]

[5 October 2008] Open evenings for the public at SAAO in Cape Town on
11 October 2008
and at Boyden Observatory near Bloemfontein on 18 October 2008 (see local press for details).

[2 October 2008] Symposium 260 of the International Astronomical Union on "The rôle of Astronomy in Society and Culture" is to be held on January 19-23, 2009, at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (France). [link..]

[1 October 2008] October is Astronomy Month in SA! [link..]

[21 September 2008] New article uploaded to the Cosmology Corner, written by Frikkie de Bruyn. "The Infinite Universe": Two things are infinite – the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former. - Albert Einstein [open..]

[20 September 2008] Astronomy course available freely online through iTunes or Currently, lists this course is the most popular astronomy download [link..]

[19 September 2008] A stunning new IYA2009 website is running [link..]

[6 September 2008] ASSA Scholarship news: scholarship awarded to Daniël Olivier [more..]

[5 September 2008] Open night at SAAO in Cape Town for the public [link..]

[4 September 2008] Solar Bulletin for July with statistics on sunspot counts by SA observers placed on the website [more..]

[3 September 2008] What's up in the September Skies [SAAO website].

[2 September 2008] an impressive website with a vast resource bay of information relating to space and astronomy:

[1 September 2008] [AstroNet mailing list] Ever wanted to answer a kid asking how much they would weigh on another planet? Or what the phase of the moon is right now? Following demand from Universe Awareness communities we have started a website of simple astronomy tools:

[20 August 2008] From Stuart MacPherson through the AstroNet mailing list: "On the 28th July our Indlebe radio telescope saw first light. Check out the website Go to latest news and Graphical Results to see some of the graphical images. We still have much to do, such as baseline stabilisation and
calibration, but it is a promising start."

[17 August 2008] MARS coming close to the Earth on August 27? Don't be fooled by the Mars Hoax... again... [link..]

[16 August 2008] New article posted to the Cosmology Corner with the title "Hawking's Universe. Stephen Hawking is, arguably, the greatest scientist alive." A recommended read for especially science fans [more..]

[16 August 2008] A beginner's guide to Polar Alignment with a Wedge in the Southern Hemisphere, on Ice in Space [link..]

[15 August 2008] Observer's alert: Partial lunar eclipse visible from Southern Africa on 16 August 2008. Find the eclipse times on the website [link..]. Also contained in the Sky Guide 2008.

[14 August 2008] "NASA scientists are preparing to launch a "flying tractor" with microwave sensors to explore the nitty-gritty realm beneath your feet." [link..]

[13 August 2008] Year-end message from the outgoing president of ASSA, Magda Streicher, for the 2007/2008 term has been posted to the website [more..]

[12 August 2008] Congratulations to the organizing committee with a successful 2008 ASSA Symposium, held in Durban from 7 to 9 August 2008. Go to the website for a photo gallery of the event. [link..]

[11 August 2008] List of the Society's office bearers for 2008/2009 has been updated, as well as the list of Section Directors. [more..]

[9 August 2008] 100,000 for Hubble! The odometer on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has turn over 100,000. That's not 100,000 km but the number of orbits it has made around Earth since it was launched aboard the space shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990. Source: [link to Spaceflightnow..]

[8 August 2008] A summary of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem... [link..]

[7 August 2008] [From Greg Roberts]: It is possible to use the program STELLARIUM to drive an ASCOM interfaced telescope. The program is freeware and found at - only about 750K. ASCOM drivers for a large number of telescopes are available here.

[6 August 2008] Latest Science in Africa on-line magazine has been released. Interesting articles from the world of science. [link..]

[5 August 2008] African Science Communication Conference to be held from 18 to 21 February 2009 in Gauteng, South Africa. A call for abstracts have been issued. [link..]

[4 August 2008] SciFest Africa 2009 to be held from 25 to 31 March 2009 in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. [link..]

[2 August 2008] Open evenings for the public at Boyden Observatory (Bloemfontein) on Friday 8 August 2008 (phone 051-401 2561) and at SAAO in Cape Town on 9 August 2008 (see website).

[2 August 2008] Download the monthly newsletters of the Lunar Section of the Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers [link..]

[1 August 2008] Southern Sky News for August 2008 on the website and What's up in the August Skies on the SAAO website.

[1 August 2008] Latest Canopus newsletter (August 2008) of ASSA Johannesburg Centre added to their website [link..]

[31 July 2008] Latest subscription rates for the Sky Guide 2009 and MNASSA journal is now available [Open Word Doc ..]

[31 July 2008] Latest advertising rates for the Sky Guide 2009 and MNASSA journal is now available [Open Word Doc ..]

[31 July 2008] "The Herschel Siblings" interesting talk on John's father, uncle and aunts and how events in the family history may have moulded the polymath John we know in South Africa. 4 August 2008 in Johannesburg [link..]

[30 July 2008] The colour of plants on other worlds? On other worlds, plants could be red, blue, even black... [link..]

[29 July 2008] Note to ASSA Symposium participants: The entrance to the Durban Country Club (venue) is on the M12, which is MASABALALA YENGWA AVENUE (old NMR), about 1 km South of the Umgeni River, within sight of the ABSA Rugby Stadium. The coordinates are 29° 49’ 40” S; 31° 02’ 00” E. [website]

[26 July 2008] ASSA Council members for 2008-2009 has been elected, as well as Section Directors and other designations. [more]

[24 July 2008] Deep Sky Delights, August 2008: "The Southern Queen's Crown": Explore the deep sky in that very special of constellations Corona Australis with Magda Streicher in her latest MNASSA column. [open 428 kb PDF]

[23 July 2008] The Society's latest MNASSA journal (August 2008) has been sent to members. More information [link..]

Older posts:


[2005.12.31] A meeting with Albert Jones, discoverer of SN 1987A, by Lynette Rens (more..)
[2005.09.07] Peter van Blommestein, ASSA stalwart, passed away Tuesday 2005 September 06. A memorial service was held in Simonstown at 10am on Saturday, 10 Sept in St Francis Anglican Church, Court Road.
[2005.01.23] Obituary: David Stanley Evans (19162004) (more...)
[2005.01.09] Magda Streicher skryf oor haar onlangse besoek aan Engeland waar sy William en John Herschel se laaste rusplekke gaan besoek het (meer...)
[2005.01.03] Retirement of Profs Warner and Ellis (more...)
[2005.01.01] Prof Brian Warner receives ASSAf gold medal (more...)
[2004.11.04] Berto Monard receives the ASSA Gill Medal (more...)

Events and Observations

[1 June 2007] Call for duel-hemispheric Observations of asteroid VESTA (1 to 10 June 2007). The Italian astronomy magazine Coelum, together with the Planetary Research Team has promoted a photometry research programme on asteroid Vesta during its current opposition. Download brochure with details. (download..)
[1 June 2007] Observer's note: June 2007 has two full moons; on the 1st of the month and the 30th. The full moon on 30 June is known as a "Blue Moon"! Some writers for S&T however, say this interpretation is a mistake (read more..)
[31 March 2007]
50th Solar Bulletin! February 2007 uploaded to website, with information on sunspot counts by SA observers.
[22 March 2007] New comet in the southern skies: Comet Lovejoy C/2007 E2, magnitude 9 as at 19 March and brightning.

Photos of the 7 September 2006 partial lunar eclipse witnessed from South Africa, placed on website (more..)
IAU's verdict on Pluto is out. Read full story on the IAU's website. Pluto now a "dwarf planet". (link..)

The 10th Anniversary of the Friends of Boyden Observatory [was] celebrated on 29 September 2006 during a special dinner event in Bloemfontein, as part of the 7th ASSA Symposium. (link..)

The website of the Friends of Boyden Observatory (Bloemfontein, South Africa) has had an overhaul. Explore Boyden from an aerial map and find more information on the facilities and telescopes. (link..)
An international contact, Anthony Ayiomamitis from Greece sent links to photos of the solar eclipse of 29 March 2006. Various photos showing a diamond ring, the ethereal corona and solar prominences are on display. (link..)
[2006.03.29] Magda Streicher skryf oor die totale sonsverduistering van 29 Maart 2006, soos waargeneem vanuit Turkye. (meer..)
New Year's comet. The first comet of 2006 has been found - by a Polish astronomer on images taken in Chile (and independently by a Lithuanian on images taken millions of kilometres from Earth) confirmed by an astronomer in Uruguay. (more..)
An illustrated report on the opening of SALT in Sutherland, 2005 November 10 (more...)
The Seventh ASSA Symposium will be held in Bloemfontein 28-30 September 2006 (more...)
[2005.07.01] World Year of Physics - Einstein's Legacy: 100 years later (more...)
[2005.03.14] SALT featured on SA stamps (more...)
[2005.03.05] A bright future for Southern African radio astronomy? (more...)
[2005.02.09] Request for participation in an astrophotography website (more...)
[2005-07-25] Comet Tempel 1 impact international news reports: CNN: "A dazzling fireworks display in space"; New Scientist: "Smashing all expectations"; Hubble Space Telescope
[2005.03.03] Successful open-days at Boyden Observatory, Bloemfontein (more...)
[2005.03.02] ScopeX in Johannesburg (more...)
[2005.02.24] Saturn extravaganza in Johannesburg (more...)
[2004.09.18] The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) is currently a 7-metre instrument, and growing...  (more...)
[2005.01.05] Historical events to celebrate in 2005 (more...)
[2005.01.14] First announcement - African Astronomical History Symposium (more...)
[2004.10.29] The Dept. of Science and Technology held Astronomy Month in October (more...)
[2004.05.28] Transit of Venus June 8 - Basic info on this rare event (more...), step-by-step instructions on making a special Venus transit/solar telescope (more...), and [2004.06.10] reports from around the country of this "rare cosmic spectacle seen by millions" (more...)
[2004.05.12] Month of the Comets - Observing guide and starmaps to help you find Q4 (NEAT) and T7 (LINEAR) during May
[2004.05.08] May's lunar eclipse - Fiona Hobson tells of her eclipse/occultation/comet experience (more...)
[2005.01.10] Follow the progress of the adventure at Saturn (ESA website) (NASA website)
[2004.09.16] Light Pollution: The time to act  (more...)

ASSA Related

[2 July 2008] The winners of the "Eclipsed Moon Awakening" photo competition have been announced. [link..]
[24 June 2008] Pictures of Scope-X 2008! [link..]
[22 June 2008] Deep Sky Delights: "Centaurus: a Constellation like no other". Explore the deep sky in the Centaur with Magda Streicher in her latest MNASSA column. [open 419 kb PDF]
[27 April 2008] The Pillars of the Big Bang Theory, by Frikkie de Bruyn. New article added to the Cosmology Corner. "When you drink water, remember the hydrogen in the water was forged in the furnace of the big bang. We are truly part of the universe. " [more..]
[25 April 2008] "A Crow named Corvus". Go on a journey of deep sky exploration with Magda Streicher in her latest column of Deep Sky Delights, published in the April 2008 edition of MNASSA. [Download 361 kb PDF file]
[2 April 2008] Visit the website dedication to the 2008 ASSA Symposium [link..]
[23 March 2008] See photos of the Astronomy Expo held in Bloemfontein on 8 March 2008 at Eunice Primary School. [link..]
[27 February 2008] Call for abstracts of papers for the 2008 ASSA Symposium, to be held in Durban from 7 to 9 August 2008 [more..]
[11 February 2008] Astronomy enthusiasts in Southern Africa, you can now book the date of the 2008 ASSA Astronomical Symposium on your calendar: 7-9 August 2008 in Durban... Hope to see you there.
[9 February 2008] "The Astronomical Traveller": An informative article by Fiona Hobson about a visit to Kalkkop Crater near Graaff-Reinet. [557 kb pdf]
[6 February 2008] "Unique clusters in the Starry Ship". Go on a voyage of deep sky discovery with Magda Streicher in her latest "Deep Sky Delights", which were published in the February 2008 MNASSA [download pdf - 376 kb]
[2 February 2008] The Imaging Section of ASSA has a new website, which can be accessed at Follow this link for more information about this year's lunar eclipse competition!
[31 January 2008] ASSA has announced the release of the new Astronomy Starter CD, especially designed for astronomy enthusiasts in Southern Africa. Ideal for beginners of all ages, for astronomy presentations and school projects.
Find more information.
[4 January 2008] "Challenging the Big Bang Theory" - a new article posted to the Cosmology Corner, written by Frikkie de Bruyn. [more..]
[9 December 2007] Important update to ASSA members who subscribe to the Sky & Telescope magazine through the Society [more..]
[18 November 2007] "Congratulations from the Imaging Section to those associated with the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa, who have been chosen as finalists!" - Oleg Toumilovitch, Imaging Section Director. Newsflash from SAASTA: SA Science Lens photo competition finalists have been announced [link..]
[6 November 2007] Comet and Meteor Circular No. 3 received from Tim Cooper, with more information on comet 17P/Holmes and the Leonid meteor shower [more..]
[23 October 2007] Call on variable star observers in Southern Africa to submit their names for a planned information distribution list by the ASSA Variable Star Section. If you are interested in receiving free circulars with details about variable stars, please send your email address to Chris Middleton.
[22 October 2007] "Aquarius, the Watering Can Man" - October 2007, by Magda Streicher: Indulge in some Deep Sky Delights! [download 420 kb PDF]
[22 September 2007] Comet and Meteor circular 2007/2 received from Tim Cooper, now available for all comet and meteor shower observers. [open..]
[19 September 2007] Latest update for members subscribing to the Sky & Telescope magazine: on-line renewals is now working. Please see short description on procedures to follow [more..]
[19 August 2007] New feature added to website: "Cosmology Corner", with articles by Frikkie du Bruyn. Currently 4 articles. Also be sure to visit this page for additional articles coming in the future. [more..]
[18 August 2007] Find the contact details of ASSA's new director of its Imaging Section (including astrophotography) [more..]
[15 August 2007] ASSA Deep Sky Section note: "Richard Ford of Cape Town has received a Merit Award from the Deepsky Section for his observations of objects on the Top-100 list. An enthusiastic observer, Richard next plans to tackle targets in Capricornus, Aquarius, Pavo and Vulpecula." - Auke Slotegraaf, 15 August 2007.

[11 August 2007] Presidential inaugural address by Magda Streicher, newly chosen ASSA president for 2007-2008 [read]. Intreerede deur Magda Streicher, die nuwe ASSA President vir die 2007-2008 jaar [lees]...
[7 August 2007] Explore deep sky objects in the mighty constellation of Aquila the Eagle with Magda Streicher, in the latest Deep Sky Delights [download, 400 kb]
[22 July 2007] "Choices and the Early Universe" - a fascinating look at the strange world of quantum mechanics, by Frikkie dy Bruyn [more..]
[27 June 2007] Deep Sky Delights: June 2007 has been placed on the website. Discover deep sky objects in Lupus the Wolf with Magda Streicher [download 391 kb PDF]
[23 June 2007] Winners of the ASSA Lunar Eclipse competition has been announced in the MNASSA journal: 1st place goes to Anton Matthee of Pretoria [see photo]. Second place went to Pierre Desplace of North Riding, Randburg [see photo]. Honourable mention was made of the photo by 8-year old Sarah Gray from Johannesburg [see photo].

[14 June 2007] ASSA notice (update): Important new procedures for members who are also subscribed to the Sky & Telescope magazine (more..)
[25 May 2007] Important ASSA notice: New procedures for ASSA members also receiving Sky and Telescope magazine through their membership [more..]
[3 May 2007] The first-ever SAAO-ASSA Scholarship has been awarded to Mpati Ramatsoku. Find more information on this 2007 award [more..]

[1 May 2007]
Observer's note: Comet and Meteor Circular 2007/01 from Tim Cooper now available. Download Word document with information on comets currently in the sky and April/May meteor shower activity.
[2 April 2007] February Deepsky Delights: discover treasures in Canis Major... View a 400 kb PDF, written by Magda Streicher.

[5 March 2007] Dedicated workshop in Astrophotography to be presented by internationally renowned astrophotographer Richard Berry (USA), on 20 April 2007 in Johannesburg, the day before Scope-X. (Download info pamphlet)

[5 March 2007] Lunar Eclipse competition gallery has been opened . See photos of the eclipse taken by Southern Africans.
8 February 2007] More information on ASSA's Lunar Eclipse competition: find downloadable brochures with instructions. Open to all Southern Africans. Prizes to be won. Closing date: 15 April 2007 (go-to..)
[28 February 2007] NASA's Eclipse Homepage, with information and diagrams on all the upcoming eclipses (solar and lunar) can be found at:
[28 February 2007] Video astrophotography page opened on website, info by Greg Roberts of Cape Town (go-to..)
[28 February 2007] Software Links page opened - go to websites with astronomy and star watching applications (go-to..)

[14 February 2007] Archive of front page photos opened. All the photos that appeared on the main page of this website will now be placed in an archive as they get replaced by new photos. (go to photo archive..)

[13 February 2007] Download pamphlets with date, time & venue of Scope-X in Johannesburg on 21 April 2007
(Afrikaans PDF | English PDF)

[11 February 2007] A detailed and useful selection of Bright Southern Binaries, which reaches from the South Celestial Pole to about -30 deg declination. Ideal for either calibration of equipment or for testing small optical telescopes for resolution. Also an excellent guide for a binary observing marathon (PDF file, 200 kb).
[8 February 2007] As a run-up to Scope-X's theme on Astrophotography, a workshop by Brett Edwards (previous winner of the AstroPhoto Competition at Scope-X) will present one or two Introduction to Astrophotography and Image Processing sessions in Johannesburg on 27 February and 1 March (more information..)

[7 February 2007] South African observers' sunspot diagram. A graph was compiled by Jacques van Delft (ASSA Solar Section) displaying the average number of sunspots counted by South African observers since the mid-1990's, up to 2006. This period is also known as "Solar Cycle 23". Submitt
ed by Jacques van Delft, ASSA's Director of its Solar Section (see graph..)
[2007.02.04] Where are your lights pointing to..? Are you contributing to the destruction of our night skies, or do you plan ahead for future generations..? View an image of light pollution in South Africa compiled by Maurits Geyser from NASA pictures and GPS software. (see map) 328 kb
[2007.01.31] Find more information on and photos of comet McNaught (more..)
[2007.01.12] History of SA astronomy: the chronological documents with the detailed Timeline has been updated... (more..)
[2006.12.17] The Cape Centre of ASSA has a new website, full of information about their activities: . Their official Centre email address is:
[2006.12.01] Vakansietyd konstellasies en sterre - kort somerinligting, deur ASSA Bloemfontein (laai af..)

[2006.12.01] Deep Sky
Delights for December 2006: The River Eridani (pdf..)

2006.11.01] Top 100 deep sky objects: less than 10 a month! Receive merit award certificates through this exciting new project by the Deep Sky section. For the novice and experienced observer alike. Download chart 25 and submit your first 20 objects to the director (link..)

[2006.10.29] 7th ASSA Symposium information page created, serving as database and portal for future projects and follow-up actions (more..)
[2006.10.29] Complete write-up of the 7th ASSA Symposium written by the organising committee - includes event photos (more..)
[2006.10.29] 7th ASSA Symposium group photo has been posted on the website. It was sent out to participants on the Symposium Souvenir CD (more..)

[2006.10.23] ASSA Cen
tres are requested to keep record of their public and educational outreach activities and report to the director of the E&PC Section with the details of the activity (more..)

[2006.10.20] Introduction to How-to-Observe Double Stars added to website. Read through an account on what double star observations entail (download page..)
[2006.10.11] Deep Sky Delights (October): Explore the sky: Star Birds of Paradise, Deep sky objects in Phoenix (more..)

[2006.10.08] Website now has a sitemap for easier navigation (more..)

[2006.10.07] Observer certificates and Awards handed out at the ASSA Symposium, 29 September 2006 (more..)

[2006.10.07] Announcing Project 27: an ambitious idea to establish the largest educational telescope in Southern Africa at Boyden Observatory (more..)

4 new asteroids named after people who were/are associated with Boyden Observatory, during the dinner event of the ASSA Symposium (more..)

7th ASSA Symposium feedback report by Magda Streicher on the pscyhohistorian webpages (link..)

7th ASSA Symposium Souvenir CD available with event photos, speaker presentations, software and more (link..)

Actual program of the 7th ASSA Symposium and list of speakers and their presentations (link..)

Variable star observations: B Fraser appointed to head the section. Your contributions to professional research (link..)

Interested in starting solar observations? Order your copy of the Solar CD "Fun with the Sun" and equip yourself with all the information you need. Contact Jacques van Delft. (more..)

The Double Star section has a new director. Chris Middleton has taken over the section's responsibilities. Calling all double star observers. (more..)

Astro-photos of M20 (Trifid nebula) and NGC 3372 (Eta Carina nebula) added to website, taken by Dany Duprez (more..)
[2006.09.06] New Honourary Secretary appointed on Council. Secretarial duties have been taken over by Laurie Simone. (mailto..)

Deep Sky Delights (August 2006): Rings around Lyra... (more..)
2006/2007 ASSA Council officers chosen at the AGM (more..)

Map of Astronomy Clubs in Southern Africa placed on website - Find and contact your nearest society. (more..)
ASSA Future Directions: Proposals submitted by Chris de Coning. The process is ongoing to get your feedback and ideas. Visit the Future Directions website to read the proposals and for more information
[2006.08.02] ASSA Future Directions Meeting held on 12 August 2006 at 14h00 at SAAO. Go to Future Directions website.

Read the supplement to the article "/Xam Bushmen astronomical references in G R von Wielligh's Boesman Stories", published in MNASSA 65, (7&8), 104 (pdf file..)

The ASSA AGM will take place on the 16th of August 2006, in Cape Town in the new Auditorium at SAAO (and not in the SAAO lecture hall).

New ASSA web update service started - subscribe free of charge to receive monthly SA astronomical news (more..)
Updated time-line of Southern African astronomical history placed on website. (more..)
ASSA Bloemfontein Centre's website has had an overhaul (link..)
[2006.05.04] Willie Koorts is the new editor of MNASSA. You can send journal contributions to the editorial address of - indicate "MNASSA" in the subject line.
(more about MNASSA..)
The April issue of MNASSA (vol. 65, nr's 3 & 4) has been published and sent out to members. (more..)
Comet and meteor Circular 2006/2 is available, with information for the second term of 2006 (more..)
The ASSA website has a new webmaster. Gerrit Penning has taken over from Auke Slotegraaf. You can contact Gerrit at with ideas, news, stories and any other website contributions.
Hunt the Horse Head. Magda Streicher's "Deepsky Delights" for January/February includes a discussion of this often-photographed, rarely-seen nebula. (more..)
Comet and meteor Circular 2006/1 is available, with news for the first months of 2006 (more..)
Fourteen objects have been added to the deepsky database, all illustrated with sketches by Auke Slotegraaf (more..)
The deepsky database has been updated with the addition of 22 new objects, all illustrated by CCD astrophotos taken by Christopher Middleton (more..)
A report on the African Astronomical History Symposium in Cape Town is online on the AAHS website (more...)
[2005.09.06] South African discovers a new double star in Virgo (more...)

Discovery of the Rings of Uranus: The South African story (more...)
After almost two years of development, the Discover! workbook is now available (free!) to those who want to learn the southern constellations, and who want to explore the skies searching for and discovering their own deepsky objects. (more...)
[2005.04.15] Deepsky descriptions added to the database, complimented by CCD images by Mauritz Geyser (more...)
[2005.03.29] New e-mail address for the ASSA Solar Section Director, Jacques van Delft. He can now be contacted at [].
[2005.02.01] Mike Begbie of Harare has produced some fine sketches of Comet C/2004 Q2 Machholz (more...)
[2004.11.21] The Director of the Solar Section now maintains a website reachable at [].
[2004.11.07] News from the recent successful ASSA Symposium (more...)
[2004.09.10] African Astronomical History Symposium slated for 2005 November & hosted by the Historical Section of the ASSA. (more...)
[2004.09.12] The 2004 Annual General Meeting was held at SAAO in Cape Town. See who the paparazzo saw (more...)
[2004.05.03] ScopeX 2004 - Feedback from Brian Fraser  (more...)
[2005.04.03] New astrophotos by Christopher Middleton (more...) including impressive views of the Eta Carinae region and the face-on spiral Messier 83.
[2004.10.08] Webpages of the Historical Section and the Deepsky Observing Section have been updated with additions & corrections.
[2004.05.02] Constitution - Proposed changes to make all the Society's office-bearers electable (more...)


[2005.09.27] Robert Groess accompanied a party of adventurers who recently visited Tswaing meteor crater near Pretoria. (more..)
[2004.11.03] Boyden Observatory upgrades educational facilities (more...)
[2004.11.03] Broederstroom Observatory update (more...)
[2004.11.02] Graham Geary's Space Centre on the Natal south coast has been running for ten years (more...)
[2004.05.02] Boyden update - New photos of Boyden Observatory can be viewed on the Friends of Boyden website (link...)
[2004.09.16] The Iziko Planetarium in Cape Town is looking for scripts. (more...)
[2004.09.14] The annual report of the Astronomy Dept of UCT reviews their past year  (more...)

News in SA Astronomy

[12 July 2008] A new book has been released: "PROXIMA - The Nearest Star (other than the Sun!)", by Ian Glass. "South Africa can claim a unique astronomical distinction: the first ever measurement of the distance
to a star..." [link]
[4 July 2008] "The Department of Trade and Industry has conducted a series of public discussion meetings to obtain comments on the Draft National Outer Space Policy 2008 which is to be placed before Cabinet for approval soon. The Policy includes Astronomy in South Africa. The document (296KB) may be downloaded from:
[3 July 2008] Russia and SA to discuss alternative launch option for Sumbandila. [link..]
[25 June 2008] The Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartROA) is now part of a 11 000 km real-time virtual telescope, providing detailed images of cosmic radio sources [link..]
[23 June 2008] The Cosmic Corner Podcast airs on Radios Cape Talk and 702 and relates to Space and Astronomy. Since it airs early, a convenient podcast for download is available on the Irreverance blogsite. [link..]
[20 June 2008] The IYA2009 trailer is now available in 41 different versions with several formats for each. You can download it on the IYA2009 website.
[17 June 2008] [Received through AstroList: Astronomy outreach in SA] Please note that the latest version (Version 10) of the AstroGuide is now available for download on There is also news about the new AstroCD resource tool for education.
[17 May 2008] Yet another new astronomy club in Southern Africa! The West Rand Astronomy Club had its first meeting in April 2008. "30 enthusiasts attended the meeting. The group was very diverse with respect to knowledge on astronomy and the difference in ages, ranging from young children to not so young adults". Visit their website at: Read about their first meeting [open Word document]
[6 May 2008] Download the one-page guide to astronomy outreach. [link..]
[3 May 2008] Hermanus Astronomy Club (est. December 2007) now have almost 40 members (and counting!) Congratulations to the newest astronomy club in Southern Africa on their activities and progress. See list of astronomy clubs in Southern Africa.
[15 April 2008] New Crane for HartRAO [link..]
[20 March 2008] World renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking from Cambridge University, physics Nobel laureates David Gross and George Smoot, and NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, are among an international group of physicists and mathematicians who will visit South Africa in May 2008. [link..]
[12 January 2008] Note received from Oleg Toumilovitch, Director of ASSAs Imaging Section: "Congratulations to Carol Botha, member of ASSA and OOG, whose Comet McNaught image has been published in BBC Sky at Night magazine..." Read full story on the imaging section page [more..]
[11 January 2008] The 1st ASSA Comet and Meteor Circular for 2008 is now available. Received from Tim Cooper, Director of the Comet and Meteor Section. Read more about visible comets and expected meteor showers [open..]
[9 January 2008] The MeerKAT radio astronomy project is offering internships for 2008. [link..]
[25 November 2007] Visit the new website of the East Rand Astronomy Club for information on their meetings and activities, with contact details. The club makes available their newsletter on the website for download. You can also subscribe to the club's email list [link..]
[21 November 2007] "New Planets detected from Sutherland". The SuperWASP-South camera at Sutherland, hosted by the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO), has detected its first two planets outside our solar system.
Visit the SAAO website for the official press release, with image [link..]
16 November 2007] Special satellite image for amateur astronomers and aerial photographers using infrared. Updated regularly, showing cloud cover and fog. Handy for short-term cloud predictions.
[30 October 2007] Read more (and see photos!) of the National astronomy quiz finals for learners held at HartRAO end of October [link..]
[28 October 2007] Comet 17P/Holmes reported visible with naked-eye from Southern African latitudes. Even with bright moon above comet it was easily seen. Though it looks like a star with the naked eye, an eerie picture awaits the observer when looking through binoculars or a telescope. Best time: 1h00 to 2h00 in the morning. Situated very low above northern horizon in Perseus. Link to finderchart. Comprehensive history and information: See orbital elements: IAU Minor Planet Centre.
[13 October 2007] Draft business plan for South Africa's participation in the monumental International Year of Astronomy (2009) has been unveiled and is available for comment from parties involved in astronomy outreach [link..]
[23 September 2007] Find more information about the recent book published on 100 years of the Union Observatory in Johannesburg, called "Living Amongst the Stars", by Dirk Vermeulen. [Download 1 MB PDF brochure..]
[18 September 2007] The latest international brochure for IYA2009 as well as a general IYA presentation are available for download (message from Kevin Govender through the AstroNet mailing list) [link..]
[14 September 2007] The latest SALT e-news has been released, with more information on the science results by Southern Africa's largest telescope [link..]
[11 September 2007] For teachers who want to expose their learners to science in a fun and informative way: visit the website of EU-HOU [link..]

[30 August 2007] Project Night Sky is now officially “On The Air”, created and maintained by Chris Vermeulen. Includes the downloadable "Independant Observer" newsletter and other interesting astronomy information [link..]

[27 August 2007] [Not via Astronet] The new IYA2009 public brochure has been released (international brochure). A copy is available for download on the South African IYA2009 website under Downloads [link..]
[24 August 2007] A call has been put out to all African countries to join forces in order to maximise on the benefits that the International Year of Astronomy 2009 can bring to the continent and its people [link..]

[8 August 2007] Download educational astronomy posters from the SKA website, including posters about our solar system, the electromagnetic spectrum, the Universe and more [link..]
[5 August 2007] SpaceTides e-zine #55 sent to subscribers: astronomy and spaceflight news to your inbox [link..]
[20 July 2007] Download the preliminary marketing poster for South Africa's contribution to the International Year of Astronomy in 2009 [link..]
[9 July 2007] Visit Cybertwilight: a free, open forum for people interested in space and South Africa's space efforts [link..]
[9 July 2007] The South African Radio League, the National Body for Amateur Radio in South Africa, is presenting its Radio Technology in Action Day on 21 July 2007 at the Little Willie Auditorium at the School of Armour, Tempe Military Base in Bloemfontein. Entrance is free and a lunch will be provided at a reasonable cost [link..]
[30 June 2007] National Steering Committee for the South African celebrations of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 has been finalized. Read more about the current activity status [more..]
[28 June 2007] New link for the Infrared cloud cover satellite image on the Kobus Botha Weather Photos website [link..]

[24 June 2007] Message received from Kevin Govender (SA astronomy education and outreach): This is an open call to anyone involved in astronomy to submit samples of their astronomy related resources before July 13th 2007 [more..]
[11 June 2007] General announcement: note that the final URL for IYA2009 is now active: Please add it as a link on all your websites and use it to publicise the International Year of Astronomy. Also, please publicise this AstroNet email list to anyone you feel may be interested in joining – simply refer them to:
[8 June 2007] Who's who in the South African Space Zoo? Download an informative A3-sized poster from the South African Space Portal, bottom of page.
[4 June 2007] Launch date for SA's second satellite postponed indefinitely due to administrative paperwork on the ground. (link..)
[4 June 2007] Comment on New Bill: Astronomy Geographic Advantage Bill [B17-2007]. This Bill was formally introduced into Parliament on 25 May 2007. Public comment is requested by the Portfolio Committee on Science and Technology. Download Bill in PDF format. Comments can be sent to the Committee Secretary, Zelna Jansen, by 29 June 2007.
[31 May 2007] The Southern Africa Amateur Radio Satellite Association will be holding its annual space communications conference in Gauteng on 4 August 2007. The theme of the conference is “Space: new Frontiers (link..)
[27 May 2007] Africa's first-ever international aerospace symposium was held in Autumn, to highlight its research areas in aeronautics and space (link..)
[23 May 2007] meerKAT prototype dish installed at HatRAO (link..)
[5 May 2007] For an enjoyable read, look at "An illustrated personal account of ScopeX 2007" by Auke Slotegraaf on his website
[1 May 2007] Photo Exhibition: Lost light: fugitive images from deep space. "An intriguing and absorbing exhibition, Lost Light is on at the Standard Bank Gallery in JHB from 12 April - 26 May 2007". Artist: Karel Nel. [Read press release].
[2 April 2007] SAASTA announces the fifth round of its popular science photographic competition - SA Science Lens [link..]
[21 March 2007] The SGI Altix 450 platform has been chosen to be a part of the the EMSS Antennas, Karoo Array Telescope project. Read news release.
[16 March 2007] SALT news release: Potential expansion of SALTs international partners (link..)
[13 March 2007] Southern African
HESS researchers part of team winning the internationally acclaimed Descartes Prize in Science. Read press release in English / Lees mediavrystelling in Afrikaans.
[2 March 2007] UNAWE: Kevin Govender of SAAO sent a notice that the Southern and Northern hemisphere will link up through a Skypecast and share views on the Lunar Eclipse. Join people from South Africa and Germany and share in the edutainment this weekend (link..)
[2 March 2007] Find more information on the KAT/XDM radio telescope project being constructed at HartRAO. The eXperimental Development Model (XDM) is a 15-m diameter radio telescope antenna of novel design (link..)

[13 February 2007] Open call to anyone involved in astronomy outreach and education in South Africa to participate in SA's bid for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (go to official IYA2009 SA website, go directly to Call page).

[10 February 2007] H.E.S.S. researchers of the NWU Potchefstroom Campus are members of a team that were nominated for the EU's famous Descartes Prize. Read news article.

[2007.02.01] Learners invited to send message into space on SUMBANDILAsat (IOL: link..)

11.28] H.E.S.S. discovers the first ever modulated signal from space in Very High Energy Gamma Rays (link..)

[2006.11.23] SA Sumbandila satellite launch postponed to April/May 2007 (link..)

[2006.11.08] CSIR Satellite Applications Centre successfully tracks XM-4 spacecraft (link..)
[2006.11.03] Science minister opens site for construction of Karoo Array Telescope (KAT) prototype (link..)

[2006.11.01] Karoo Array Telescope prototype to be launched on 2 November 2006 at HartRAO (link..)

SA under consideration for hosting the proposed European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) (link..)

[2006.09.28] South Africa shortlisted to host the Square Kilometer Array! (link..)

History of the Friends of Boyden - an article from the archives as prelude to the Friends' 10 year anniversary (link..)
Find some of the best satellite photos of South Africa from space, on the S&T pages (link..)
More about South Africa's participation in the ESASTAP's Framework Programmes (link..). Additional info: (link..)
Go to the website of the Southern African Large Telescope for a new press release on research performed by the instrument and to read the latest SALT e-news . (link..)

Astronomy Presentation Competition launched at the 7th ASSA Symposium. Open to all, prizes to be won. (more..)

Cabinet gives green light for SA space policy  (link..)

Magda Streicher verduidelik meteore, meteoriete en asteroides in 'n interessante Afrikaanse nuusberig. (meer..)

The National Space Policy lifts off - June 2006 (link..)
New photos of Boyden Observatory uploaded to the Friends of Boyden's website. (link..)
The African Science Communication Conference will be held from 4 to 7 December 2006 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. SAASTA will host ASCC 2006. (link..)
More info on "Africa's Giant Eye" - a new book about the building of the South African Large Telescope. (link..)
The Square Kilometer Array (SKA) has a newsletter with information on the highly anticipated SKA and KAT projects. You can also subscribe to a news service - let them have your support. (link..)


[24 May 2008] EDT, EST, PST, UT, GMT: what does it all mean? Confused with the world's time zomes? When exactly will the Phoenix Lander land on Mars if it touches down 23h53 EDT? Find out from Time and [link..]
[11 April 2008] Mars Moon Seen in Vivid Detail. Includes a slideshow of the Hi-RISE instrument's greatest hits. [link..]
[3 April 2008] Ever heard of "Ivan Ivanovich"? Ivan lasted for 216 days and set a lifetime record for ISS space debris. [link..]
[5 January 2008] The new solar cycle has begun! Cycle 24... [link..]
[3 November 2007] Some of the best and most interesting photos of comet 17P/ Holmes seen so far on the internet can be found on Richard Berry's website. Note that page contains numerous large pictures that will automatically download. Thanks for the link Hannes! [link..]
[3 November 2007] Munich: New journal for astronomy communicators goes live. Called "Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal", published by the International Astronomical Union. Subscriptions to print and online versions are free of charge to communicators. [link..]
[14 October 2007] Interested in your own observatory with dome? Sirius Observatories is currently offerering discount for bulk shipping to SA [link..]
[12 October 2007] Largest telescope plans unveiled: "Jodrell Bank observatory in Cheshire is to become the headquarters of a global plan to co-ordinate the next generation of radio telescopes" (BBC) [link..]
[28 September 2007, from the Rocketry Blog]: The 50th anniversary of Sputnik occurs on October 4th. As a space enthusiast, you can celebrate this pioneering moment which initiated the space race. There are several possibilities [link..]
[20 September 2007] Google-Moon has been upgraded! Explore the moon from your computer [link..]
[17 September 2007] Visit the RedOrbit online community: for those with an interest in science, space, health and technology. Share your thoughts, publish your research, debate colleagues from around the world, post videos and photos, and much more. (Message from Matt Rannals, RedOrbit, to ASSA). [link..]
[13 September 2007] Assist in charting the craters and other surface features on the Moon through the Moon Wiki [link..]
[25 August 2007] Mars as big as the full moon on 27 August? Sorry no, the show has been cancelled [link..]
[16 August 2007] The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), will be a single research instrument composed of up to 80 high-precision antennas, located on the Chajnantor plain of the Chilean Andes in the District of San Pedro de Atacama (South America) [link..]
[15 August 2007] Antique Telescope Society: 2008 WorkShop entitled "The Vintage Observatory: Thriving in the 21st Century". First announcement and call for papers has been made. May 2-4, 2008, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. [link..]

[11 July 2007] Have a look at GalaxyZoo, the project which harnesses the power of the internet - and your brain - to classify a million galaxies. Astronomers need your help! [link..]
[12 June 2007] New version of the well known night sky simulator STELLARIUM is now available! Download free of charge from the Stellarium website. This program is an absolute MUST for any star gazing enthusiast. (link..)
6 June 2007] Stunning new Mars photos uploaded to the HiRISE website (camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) (link..)
[2 June 2007] Communicating Astronomy with the Public: International conference in Greece from 8 to 11 October 2007 (link..)

[31 March 2007] It's that time of the year again: the beginning of the 2007 Vernal Equinox Geosynchronous Satellite (geosat) Flare season. Find a flare calculator and more info. Exciting times! Submitted by Greg Roberts (link..)



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