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Space Centre celebrates ten years in Natal

The Annual General Meeting was held at the SAAO Lecture Hall, 2004 August 11. The photo gallery below shows some of the attendees.

Graham T. Geary, the son of Thomas Geary (former director of the Johannesburg Planetarium) writes:

"Ten years ago I opened the Space Centre on the Natal south coast. The Space Centre consists of an astronomical museum, with probably the largest private collection of telescopes, books and optical equipment and astronomical photographs and posters, as well as lasers, an observatory, which was originally on top of the Planetarium and a small planetarium seating 80 people.

"An average of 150 presentations are presented to the general public and scholars per annum with over 100 000 visitors in total. I have used the Sky Guide extensively this year and hope to sell a few hundred copies of the new edition. Formal meetings are held monthly, lectures by visiting astronomers, viewing evenings, special presentations and films. Meals and refreshments are available, and bring-your-own informal social evenings are regularly held. 

"The Space Centre has two 10-inch Meade telescopes, two 5-inch refractors, 8- and 6-inch reflectors and plenty more. During holiday seasons we are open daily, and bookings are made by interested parties at other times. I have been encouraged and helped to a great degree by Dr Alan Jarrett, the former head of Boyden Observatory, who has retired nearby.

"I recently attended the National Conference on a network of Science Centre in SA, held by the Department of Science and Technology in Pretoria. Since then I have been working on completing the planetarium, which is due to open in December."

Mr Geary welcomes correspondence at:

Space Centre, PO Box 267, Port Edward, 4295. Tel 039-311 2891, 073-1969694. E-mail []




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