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Membership of the ASSA

Members of the Society include both professional and amateur astronomers as well as beginners in the hobby of astronomy.

If you are wishing to join ASSA you are encouraged to do so via one of the seven Local Centres of the Society. These are located at

If you cannot conveniently join any of the Local Centres, you can still join as a Country Member and you will pay an entranbce of fee of R50 and an annual subscription of R55, which will include a copy of the Sky Guide for the following year. The Sky Guide is expected to be published around 1 November.

The annual subscription must be paid before the end of September, failing which membership will lapse. Those re-joining after this date will have to pay the entrance fee again.

Application form

An application form is available from the Membership Secretary or can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Download Word version
Download PDF version



Enquiries should be addressed to:

The Membership Secretary, ASSA
PO Box 9
South Africa


Entrance fees are R50.

Annual membership fees are R50.

The subscription year runs from July 01 to June 30.

ASSA Banking details

Account number: 276188349
Account name: Astronomical Society of Southern Africa
Bank: Standard Bank of SA Ltd
Branch: Pinelands Branch
Branch code: 03 63 09

If a bank or direct deposit is made into the ASSA account, please send details of the transaction to the Membership Secretary at the above address. Also indicate your name as deposit reference.



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