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Cosmology Corner

The Cosmology Corner takes you on flights of scientific fact coupled with daring imagination to the outer edges of astronomical understanding. Enjoy fascinating articles written by Frikkie de Bruyn.

  • "Classification and End States of Stars" - posted 21 September 2013 [open]
  • "Quantum Fluctuations of Space-Time" - posted 19 September 2013 [open]
  • "Gravitational Waves" - posted 9 June 2013 [open]
  • "Gravity" - posted 9 June 2013 [open]
  • "The Early Universe" - posted 6 April 2013 [open]
  • "Black Holes" - posted 29 January 2013 [open]
  • "What are Anisotropies?" - posted 11 December 2012 [open]
  • "Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle in the early Universe" - posted 5 August 2012 [open]
  • "The Story of Light" - posted 4 March 2012 [open]
  • "Professor Stephen Hawking turns 70" - posted 8 January 2012 [open]
  • "Scientific Models" - posted 7 August 2011 [open]
  • "Problems in Cosmoloy" - posted 16 July 2011 [open]
  • "Limits on Observations and Horizons" - posted 10 July 2011 [open]
  • "About Time" - posted 10 July 2011 [open]
    This article was written by Galen Schultz and was published in the Weekend Witness, Pietermaritzburg. It resulted from an interview with Frikkie de Bruyn.
  • "The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation" - posted 22 January 2011 [open]
  • "Quantum Theory and the Early Universe" - posted 5 September 2010 [open]
  • "Quantizing the Flow of Known Forms of Energy at the Quantum Level" - posted 14 June 2010 [open]
  • "The Cosmological Principle" - posted 18 March 2010 [open]
  • "The Final Frontier" - posted 3 January 2010 [open]
  • "Quantum Fluctuations in the Early Universe" - posted 20 September 2009 [open]
  • "The Uncertainty Principle" - posted 12 July 2009 [open]
  • "The Standard Model" - posted 24 May 2009 [open]
  • "The Observable Universe" - posted 19 April 2009 [open]
  • "Neutrinos and the Universe" - posted 19 March 2009 [open]
  • "Speculative Theories of the Early Universe" - posted 1 January 2009 [open]
  • "The Mass of the Universe" - posted 7 December 2008 [open]
    "The distribution of matter in the Universe is closely related to the shape of and the rate of expansion of the Universe."
  • "The Evolution of Our Universe" - posted 29 November 2008 [open]

  • "The Cosmological Origin of Time Asymmetry" - posted 27 November 2008 [open]
    Time asymmetry refers to the flow of time from present to the future; time never flows backwards.

  • "The Quantum Universe" - posted 20 November 2008 [open]
    Many problems remain to puzzle cosmologists, but a theory developed in 1980 to combine general relativity and quantum mechanics may shed more light on how the big bang began

  • "The Infinite Universe" - posted 21 September 2008
    Infinity means different things to different people. It could mean boundless, endless or very great. To the mathematician it means a quantity greater than any assignable quantity or a number. [open]
  • "Quantum Geometry" - posted 25 July 2008
    In quantum geometry a point in spacetime and a straight line are non-existent. [read]

  • "Particle Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology" - posted 10 June 2008
    "The synergy between particle physics, astronomy and cosmology created numerous breakthroughs in our understanding of nature, matter and the birth of the universe." [read]

  • "Perceptions of Reality and Our View of the Universe" - posted 24 May 2008
    In a conversation with a fellow amateur astronomer I asked the question: “What is reality?” The response was very quick: “Reality is what we see...” [read]

  • "The Pillars of the Big Bang Theory" - posted 27 April 2008.
    "When you drink water, remember the hydrogen in the water was forged in the furnace of the big bang. We are truly part of the universe." [read]

  • "The Importance of the Evolution of Stars for the Universe" - posted 31 March 2008
    ' Without stars there would be no life, no planets, no interstellar gas and dust and no galaxies...’ [read]

  • "The Multiverse " - posted 23 February 2008
    We are all familiar with Schrodinger's thought experiment in which a cat is in a box with a bottle of poison gas
    connected to a hammer...’

  • "Challenges to the Big Bang Theory" - posted 6 January 2008
    This article is written in response to the ideas put forward by a group of scientists known as ‘alternative cosmology’. [read]

  • "Tidal Forces and the Universe" - posted 26 November
    An account on how tidal forces affects bodies in space, including the Earth-Moon, planets, stars, black holes, galaxies and galaxy clusters [read]

  • "The End " - posted 1 November
    "In a recent conversation with a fellow amateur astronomer I talked about Stephen Hawking’s statement that humans should leave the Earth if they want to survive as specie" [read]

  • "A Journey through Time " - posted 3 October 2007
    According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity the entire universe was created in a tremendous explosion about
    13.7 billion years ago. [read]

  • "Everyday Mysteries and the Universe" - posted 16 September 2007
    I can hardly imagine a more mind stretching experience than to find that reality is not what we always perceived
    it to be. [read]

  • "Einstein was right, but..." - posted 26 August 2007
    Time is interwoven with space in the theory of relativity. It is spacetime. Spacetime is elastic. It can be stretched and bent. Space and time are mutually distorted. If space is stretched, time is shrunk. [read]

  • "Is the speed of light constant?" - posted 19 August 2007
    The idea that the speed of light in a vacuum may somehow vary sounds crazy, doesn’t it..? [read]

  • "Astronomy needs Quantum Mechanics " - posted 19 August 2007
    Astronomy, the scientific study of heavenly bodies, has a strange relationship with quantum mechanics, the study of the behaviour of atoms, sub-atomic particles and radiation... [read]

  • "About Time" - posted 19 August 2007
    Time is a dimension we all thought we knew what it was, until we were asked to describe it... [read]

  • "Choices and the Early Universe" - posted 23 July 2007
    Suppose you want to order an English breakfast in a restaurant and the waiter gives you a menu of
    thousands of different choices
    ... [read]

Frikkie du Bruyn can be reached at [debruyn1 at].

Banner image credit: Credit: ESA, NASA, K. Sharon (Tel Aviv University) and E. Ofek (Caltech)


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