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Welcome to the website of ASSA
The Astronomical Society of Southern Africa


[29 August] Applications are invited for the ASSA Scholarship 2014 as well as the SAAO-ASSA Scholarship 2014. [Read more.]

[3 August] Find out about a lovely virgin and a scary monster with a fishy tail in Magda Streicher's latest Deep Sky Delights.

[12 June] Nominations for ASSA Council members are invited. All ASSA members are eligible, which includes all ASSA Centre members. Nominations must be received by 30 June 2013. [Download the nomination form.]

news archives

Looking for an older news story? Try the archives [

about assa

A history to be proud of. Find more information about the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa - who they are, what they do. [more..]

membership with assa

Thinking of joining the Society? ASSA welcomes new members. Become part of the growing Southern African astronomy community and keep up to date with the latest. Find more information on membership [
more..] Lidmaatskap aan die Vereniging is oop vir enige iemand. Bly op datum met die nuutste en word deel van Suid-Afrika se groeiende sterrekunde gemeenskap [meer inligting..]

e-mail us

Add '@assa.saao.ac.za' to the addresses.
Society address - assa
The Secretary - secretary
Webmaster - webmaster
About the Society and postal address

the mnassa journal

MNASSA, the journal of the Society, is published bi-monthly and can be downloaded free of charge from www.mnassa.org.za

worth a visit
(last updated 2007.06.01)
- Hubblesite.org,
for all the best Hubble Space Telescope photos
- The world of space at your fingertips, through NASA's Worldbook pages
- Information on all the brightest stars on the Stars webpage
- JSC Digital Image Collection,
for the serious spaceflight media collector
- JPL's Educational Resource website
- British Astronomical Association - UK website for the amateur astronomer
- Gemini Observatory:
the twin 8 meter North and South telescopes
- Photography of Saturn by the Cassini probe on the CICLOPS.org website.
- Comprehensive Space Calendar on the JPL website
- Visit Mark Shuttleworth's Hip2b² website for a wealth of exciting educational science resources, including on astronomy [link..]

astronomy & space to your inbox

Visit these websites and subscribe to their free e-mail news services.

Universe Today: www.universetoday.com

Spaceflight Now and Astronomy Now: www.spaceflightnow.com
Hubble Inbox Astronomy: http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/
CNN email services: http://edition.cnn.com/EMAIL/

observer's section
(last updated 2006.11.01)

Take part in ASSA's exciting observation projects. Send your results to each section's director and become eligible for awards and certificates:

Deep Sky: The top 100 list of deep sky objects (access..)
Comets & Meteors: Observe comets & meteor showers each quarter (access..)
Variable Stars: Contact the section director for a list to begin with (access..)
Solar Observations: Fun with the Sun...(access..)
Request a list of occultations for your area (access..)
Double Stars:
See how to get started with double star observing (access..)

SA Weather reports and radar images

Plan ahead for your observing session:
Weathersa.co.za: http://www.weathersa.co.za
Kobus Botha Weather photos: http://www.weatherphotos.co.za/

Infrared satellite image for amateurs:
Visit Weatherphotos.com.

software corner
(last updated 2007.03.01) In each month's MNASSA journal, Greg Roberts gives handy tips and write-ups on the latest in computer software applications for astronomy. These links have been inspired by his articles. Go to page with links to software applications...

Projects and Initiatives - SA Science & Technology
(last updated 2007.06.24)

AstroNet: Valuable email list for Astronomy communication in SA (link..)
IYA2009: I
nternational Year of Astronomy 2009 South Africa (link..)
iverse Awareness (UNAW) Programme for children (link..)
National Science Platform Months implemented by SAASTA (link..)
Science in Africa - on-line Science Magazine (link..)

outhern African Large Telescope at Sutherland (link..)
quare Kilometer Array and Karoo Array Telescope Project (link..)
SUMBANDILA: More on SA's 2nd satellite, SUMBANDILAsat (link..)

SAASTA: South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (link..)


sky dates to remember

October 2013
01+ Oct: Moon, Mars and Regulus (dawn)
06+ Oct: Moon, Mercury, Saturn & Venus (dusk)
15 Oct: Venus and Antares (dusk)
18 Oct: Penumbral lunar eclipse
26 Oct: Moon and Jupiter (dawn)
29+ Oct: Moon and Mars (dawn)

For a detailed listings of events and daytime as well as nighttime sky data, refer to the ASSA Sky Guide

Sky Guide Africa South

The 2013 edition has been released and is available for order

top 100 deep sky objects

The best way to enjoy deep sky: List of 100 deep sky objects by the ASSA Deep Sky Section: a MUST for anyone interested in binocular or telescope observations...
Less than 10 objects a month. A certificate coming your way if you observe - see list.

Cosmology Corner

Interested in the big questions in astronomy? Read articles in the Cosmology Corner written by Frikkie de Bruyn. What is "time"? What goes on in the bizarre world of quantum mechanics? Is the speed of light constant? [Enter the Cosmology Corner...]

astronomy clubs in sa

Find your nearest astronomy club.

deepsky delights

Read the latest Deep Sky Delights (June 2013), with Magda Streicher. [download pdf file]
Image: Stellarium


Try Discover!, an observing project from the ASSA Deepsky Section. Download the entire set of star charts for free, or order your copy now.

keep our skies dark!

Do you apply sound lighting practices at your business and your home? To preserve our night skies for future generations, we all need to start acting NOW. Shine your light down, not up!

City lights may be beautiful to look at, but when you look up, it blocks out much of our precious starry skies...

Astronomy in South Africa |  Sterrekunde in Suid-Afrika

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